Last year, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA appointed a Special Committee to Study Issues of Civil Union and Christian Marriage. The committee was given two years to study how the theology and practice of marriage have developed in the Reformed tradition and the place of covenanted same-gender partnerships in the Christian community.

This adult education course tries to do something similar over an eight-week period for St. Andrew Presbyterian in Iowa City. Throughout this discussion, we hope to hear from class participants’ personal experiences and questions concerning sexuality and the Presbyterian faith.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Syllabus and Class Notes for Sept. 13 - Nov. 1 session of "Human Sexuality and the Faith of Presbyterian Christians"


Week 1: Sept. 13 (class notes)

Week 2: Sept. 20 (class notes)

Week 3: Sept. 27 (class notes)

Week 4: Oct. 4 (class notes)

Week 5: Oct 11. (class notes)

Week 6:Oct. 18 (class notes)

Week 7: Oct. 25 (class notes)

Week 8: Nov. 1 (class notes)

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